How to interpret abdominal X-rays: 3 Essential Methods


Interpreting abdominal X-rays is a vital skill in many medical and healthcare fields as it provides crucial information for diagnosing and treating patients. This guide aims to introduce readers to abdominal X-rays and provide three essential methods to interpret them.

Understanding Abdominal X-rays (AXRs)

Abdominal X-ray is a common imaging test that captures images of the structures in the abdomen. This section will help you understand what abdominal X-rays are and when you might need one.

An Example of Abdominal X-ray
An Example of Abdominal X-ray

What Do Abdominal X-rays Show?

When Will You Get One?

Methods to Interpret Abdominal X-rays

Interpreting abdominal X-rays is a nuanced process that can be approached in various ways depending on your expertise, needs, and resources. Below, we delve into three distinct methods that cater to different skill levels and circumstances.

1. Utilizing Xray Interpreter

Xray Interpreter is a robust online platform designed to provide quick and accurate interpretations of abdominal X-rays through AI technology. Here are the steps to obtain an AI-generated analysis of your X-ray images:

Please check out our get started guide.

2. Using ChatGPT Plus

ChatGPT Plus leverages the powerful GPT-4V model to provide insightful analysis of abdominal X-ray images. This method offers a more interactive experience, allowing you to communicate with the AI and refine the analysis to suit your needs:

Please read our post on how to use ChatGPT Plus for X-ray analysis to learn more.

3. Reading X-rays by Yourself

Self-reading is a traditional method that relies on individual expertise and resources. It's ideal for medical professionals looking to hone their interpretative skills. This method requires a strong foundation in medical knowledge and a willingness to continuously learn and improve:

Recommended Resources for Self-Reading:

The resources listed above offer a variety of learning materials and platforms to enhance your understanding and practice in abdominal X-rays analysis.

Comparative Analysis

Similar to the chest X-ray interpretation, choosing the right method to interpret abdominal X-rays is crucial for accurate and timely analysis, which can significantly impact patient care. This section will compare the three methods discussed: Xray Interpreter, ChatGPT Plus, and Self-Reading, based on several criteria including accuracy, ease of use, cost, time efficiency, learning curve, and the provision of additional resources.

CriteriaXray InterpreterChatGPT PlusSelf-Reading
AccuracyMostly High (AI-based)1Mostly High (AI-based)1Varies (Skill-dependent)
Ease of UseEasyModerateChallenging
CostStarting from $2.50 per image$20 per monthFree (excluding educational costs)
Time EfficiencyFastModerate to FastSlow to Moderate
Learning CurveLowLow to ModerateHigh
Additional ResourcesProvidedPartially Provided (through OpenAI)Self-sourced


The guide presented here aims to furnish readers with valuable insights into the various methods available for interpreting abdominal X-rays. By understanding the nuances of each method, individuals and professionals can better navigate the intricacies of abdominal X-ray interpretation, ultimately leading to more accurate and timely diagnoses, which are paramount in providing high-quality patient care.

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Resources and Further Learning

For those interested in delving deeper into the realm of abdominal X-ray interpretation, a multitude of resources is available online. These resources cater to different levels of expertise and provide varied approaches to abdominal X-ray interpretation, aiding in the enhancement of your skills and understanding in this critical aspect of medical diagnostics:

  1. Geeky Medics:

    • This resource provides a detailed explanation and visual illustrations to help understand the basics of abdominal X-ray interpretation.
  2. LITFL AXR Interpretation:

    • Life in the Fast Lane (LITFL) offers a section on abdominal X-ray (AXR) interpretation, with references to additional resources and journal articles.
  3. Learn Abdominal Radiology:

    • This educational website provides a variety of resources for students, trainees, and healthcare providers to learn abdominal radiology.
  4. Udemy Course on Abdominal X-ray Interpretation:

    • A series aimed at teaching abdominal X-ray interpretation, designed for medical students to help with exam and OSCE questions on abdominal X-rays.


  1. The accuracy of AI-based interpretations largely depends on the quality and clarity of the X-ray images provided. 2

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